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Over Mat Set Handmade to Order Tufted Deep Pile Jaguar XJ-S XJS Convertible

Over Mat Set Handmade to Order Tufted Deep Pile Jaguar XJ-S XJS Convertible
Over Mat Set Handmade to Order Tufted Deep Pile Jaguar XJ-S XJS Convertible
Over Mat Set Handmade to Order Tufted Deep Pile Jaguar XJ-S XJS Convertible
Over Mat Set Handmade to Order Tufted Deep Pile Jaguar XJ-S XJS Convertible
Over Mat Set Handmade to Order Tufted Deep Pile Jaguar XJ-S XJS Convertible
Over Mat Set Handmade to Order Tufted Deep Pile Jaguar XJ-S XJS Convertible
Over Mat Set Handmade to Order Tufted Deep Pile Jaguar XJ-S XJS Convertible
Over Mat Set Handmade to Order Tufted Deep Pile Jaguar XJ-S XJS Convertible
Over Mat Set Handmade to Order Tufted Deep Pile Jaguar XJ-S XJS Convertible
Over Mat Set Handmade to Order Tufted Deep Pile Jaguar XJ-S XJS Convertible
Over Mat Set Handmade to Order Tufted Deep Pile Jaguar XJ-S XJS Convertible

Over Mat Set Handmade to Order Tufted Deep Pile Jaguar XJ-S XJS Convertible    Over Mat Set Handmade to Order Tufted Deep Pile Jaguar XJ-S XJS Convertible
This is a handmade to order Classic Car 2 Piece Over Mat Set that will be handcrafted for you the "Old School" way at our Langham, Colchester factory. We estimate the build time to be.

From the time we send you your. For full details, see the.

Please send Josh, a message. If you would like to discuss anything including any modifications, no matter how small, and before ordering.

Sadly, due to the current financial climate, we've had no choice but to increase our prices as some of our material costs have risen by over 60% and our electricity costs have doubled and we're due for another price rise soon. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding, it will make things a lot easier for us all. Tufted Deep Pile Handmade to order Classic Car 2 Piece Over Mat Set.

A handmade new 2 piece (4 piece depending on the car) Over Mat set to place on top of your existing or even new carpet set will be handcrafted to your specifications the. Way by hand at our family run factory with over 40 years of experience in the motor trade. This is "Made in Great Britain" at its finest, please do not compare our handmade sets with the stocked sets on here as there is no comparison. All good things come to those that wait, so they say, so if you want the best then we need to make it from scratch for you, simple as that. To order for these cars listed below, just follow the instructions in the. If your car is not listed please send us a message. And we'll look into it for you.

HE XJ-S Coupe Six & V12. HE XJ-SC Targa Top Six & V12. HE XJ-S Full Convertible Six & V12.

Facelift XJS Coupe Six & V12. Facelift XJS Convertible Six & V12.

Facelift XJS 2+2 Convertible Six & V12. Jaguar added all manner of undocumented ECU pockets all over the Front Foot Well Sections of your car, we need your help to find them as they do change the shape of what we make, please send in a picture like the one included and that should tell us all.

These are not your cheap sets you're used to seeing, these are handcrafted and depending on the car and mat size, a 2 piece set can weigh between 2 to 4 Kg's and a 4 Piece set as much as 7 Kg's. It takes 55 mins to hand cut the carpet material and the rubber backing, 25 mins to create, glue and sew the Heel Pads, plus 25 mins to sew on the Binding & finally 15 mins to prepare for packing. We can also hand craft you a carpet set in Auto Velour, Hessian Backed and Tufted Deep Pile as well. Scroll down to the Carpet Related Section for the other adverts...

Sadly, not for the XJ-SC. Tufted Deep Pile British Made Long Tufted pile. In Colchester UK in approximately 3 to 5ish weeks. 10 Carpet and 16 Binding colours to mix and match.

Choice of Drivers only or Drivers and Passengers. Made in both Left or Right hand drive. Is a beautiful high-quality English made modern long pile tufted car carpet material that's around 6mm to 7mm thick and comes with a very flexible and durable thick rubber backing, either ribbed or coned, making these the ideal addition to your new carpet set as they can be made exactly in the same material and colour combination as your new carpet set, assuming we made it. Placing a set of these over your existing or new carpet set will not only make your car look great but will save your carpet from any further wear and tear. A win win for all.

Your made to order carpet set will be hand stitched by skilled staff in Colchester UK. Machine cut for accuracy and consistency. Allowing you to choose from 10 Carpet and 16 Binding colours in any combination. Your set comes already fitted with a Driver's Heel Pad and you can also add the Passenger's. Depending on the car there may be Underlay and Sound Deadening.

A must have item on any classic. , Over Mats, Boot/Trunk sets etc.. Once fitted, your car's interior will look and smell like new again. As an Auto Velour or Hessian Backed version of this set may be available, check below in the related section or.

Firstly, make sure you're happy with your material choice, we handmake your cars carpet set in three different materials, Auto Velour, Hessian Backed Short Pile and Tufted Deep Pile. There should be an individual advert for each at the bottom of this advert under the Related section. Please follow these simple steps to order your new handmade carpet set using the three drop down menus at the top of the advert.. Sadly, eBays software is so buggy that they are not always in the order we put them in.. Choose your Carpet colour with matching Binding colour.

Want to change the Binding to a different colour? And we will get in touch with you, if.

This option changes the total price. 3rd Menu A (Steering & Heel Pads). Heel Pads are attached to the front foot well carpet where your feet reside, your set will come with a driver's side heel pad but feel free to add the passengers. As you're sitting in your car is your steering wheel on the..

Questions, all others are optional, as these are the minimum, we need to pick the correct set of templates to cut your order out with. Once I have all the answers I need, I'll send you your final. Order added to my cutting list. As its heavy work moving 130kg a roll of material, your order will be hand cut when your colour/material comes to our cutting table at our Langham, Colchester Factory as that's the quickest way to get through them all. Once cut it will be transported on Friday to our machinists. The machinists will assembly and add the binding, as they have done so for the past 30 years. I should be collecting the next Friday when I bring them the new sets to work on. Once back in Langham, it will be readied. For dispatch that coming week. If not dispatched on weeks three/four due to work load, it will be readied.

For dispatch on week four/five. This means de-threaded, de-fluff and de-flock, then final inspection and then packed, that takes 15 to 20 minutes per set, so very time-consuming and can take two days just to get through them all which means no cutting that day.

Please ask any car or carpet related questions you care to by sending us a message. We prefer working at night, so available till gone midnight. This way we're able to help you when you're with your car or at home and not just at work.

We work till 4am usually but on Friday mornings continue through till 7am where we take the week's cut sets to the machinists. Making Thursday/Friday a 30+ hour day and a 90+ hour week at least. Hence, we shut at 3.30 on Friday.

Monday to Thursday 12.00 Midday till gone Midnight. Friday 12.00 Midday till 3.30pm or 15.30 Saturday 4pm or 16.00 till gone midnight. Please note that we have Old School Sunday dinner between 5 and 8pm. So that's it, as long as you prepared to wait for us old school types to do what we know best then you'll receive a beautiful set of carpets within 5 weeks of receiving you. My partner and I will do everything we can to get your beautiful handmade order out on time if not beforehand...

And why wouldn't we? We want you to be happy with our hand-crafted products and to look after you so you refer us on.

Hence, we are asking you for your patience, understanding and trust. Being of the pre-internet era, from the old school way of thinking and making things by hand, we were not born into this new text based world, and we've had to adapt, abet slowly, kicking and screaming too, so please give us time to respond. We're a small two man family run company that's sunk everything we have and more into building a factory during a pandemic so we can make your order quickly. We'll be here for you every step of the way, till the fitting stage, to make sure your order goes smoothly and quickly.

Like no other classic car carpet company, we're here for you till gone midnight UK time, later if I know you're calling as we are probably at the factory cutting and preparing carpets till gone 4am. Thanks for looking and hear from you soon. Only the raw materials are in stock and we make your set upon ordering. Please follow our lead and all will be well... We really do have your best interests at heart. We're old school and I'm Dyslexic so I (Josh) prefer to chat than to type. I was not born when typing was the norm, so bare with us. If you insist on using eBays A. I controlled and monitored message service, then please only press the. Buttons as you'll get your reply or update on your order you want, without inflicting damage to our account.

I beg you not to press the. Did it arrive on time. For me that's the loss of my family's home, for no fault of our own. If you're not on the UK mainland, then you're international. You'll badly affect our account if you do.

Software will bludgeon its way in and ruin everything. Button as that open a case against us... Adds a black mark onto our account for no reason what so ever. All pictures shown are examples of the quality of workmanship only.

If you would like more pictures please send us a message. There is no comparison between us and them. Our sets are handmade in Colchester UK from British and Belgium materials and will last and look great for years to come and not wear out in months. All good things come to those that wait for bespoke handmade carpet sets.

Auto Velour Carpet Set Handmade to Order for this car. Hessian Backed Carpet Set Handmade to Order for this car. Tufted Deep Pile Carpet Set Handmade to Order for this car.

Underlay and Sound Deadening Set Handmade to Order for this car. We're a small friendly family run business, we hand craft classic car carpets like they were done when your car was new, it's a dying art and something we're proud of doing. We're one of the last hand crafters left in the UK and will spend the next few decades honing our skills and passing on the knowledge.

We believe in looking after those that look after us by using modern tools to keep "Old School" customer services and values alive and well. We've been in the car trade for nearly 40 years and have seen all the ways not do it... We're trying to bring back some of the warmth, friendliness and honesty that's been lost in the silent and cold internet text based world, so give us a try, hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised.

As to our opening times. Simply put, none of us like mornings, no other reason, but starting at midday and closing after midnight allows us to help you when you're with the car and not at work.

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  1. Colours: Grey with Matching Binding
  2. Binding Colour: No colour change
  3. Steering & Heel Pads: Drivers Side Only Left LHD
  4. Performance Part: No
  5. Colour: Many colours for you to choose from.
  6. Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom
  7. Material: Tufted Deep Pile
  8. Type: Handmade Premium 2 Piece Over Mat Set
  9. Features: Easy Clean, Easy Installation, Heavy Duty
  10. Manufacturer Part Number: JAXJSCO-TAOM2TU
  11. Classic Car Part: Yes
  12. Modified Item: Yes
  13. Carpet/Floor Mat Type: Interior Carpet
  14. Unit Quantity: 1
  15. Bundle Listing: No
  16. Build Time: Usually within 3 to 5 weeks
  17. Universal Fitment: No
  18. Unit Type: Unit
  19. Personalise: Yes
  20. Placement on Vehicle: Inside the car on the floor anything else is wrong
  21. Brand: Handcrafted by Tech Autos
  22. Personalisation Instructions: You choose your Carpet and Binding Colours and Heel Pads plus Drive, we then handcraft it for you here in Langham, Colchester CO4 5NE.
    Over Mat Set Handmade to Order Tufted Deep Pile Jaguar XJ-S XJS Convertible    Over Mat Set Handmade to Order Tufted Deep Pile Jaguar XJ-S XJS Convertible